Gewinner und Verlierer des Klimawandels – Weinherstellung im Fokus

Die AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF WINE ECONOMISTS veröffentlicht ein Arbeitspapier, das eine Übersicht über den Einfluss des Klimawandels auf die Weinproduktion aufgrund vorhergehender Studien bietet. 

Keine Überraschung: Es gibt Gewinner und Verlierer des Klimawandels. Erste sind in höheren Breitengraden anzutreffen. Letztere leiden besonders unter zu hohen Temperaturen und Wassermangel im Weinbau, aber auch im Keller machen sich Veränderungen bemerkbar.

In this article we provide an overview of the extensive literature on the impact of weather
and climate on grapes and wine with the goal of describing how climate change is likely
to affect their production. We start by discussing the physical impact of weather on vine
phenology, berry composition and yields, and then survey the economic literature
measuring the effects of temperature on wine quality, prices, costs and profits and how
climate change will affect these. We also describe what has been learned so far about
possible adaptation strategies for grape growers that would allow them to mitigate the
economic effects of climate change. We conclude that climate change is likely to produce
winners and losers, with the winners being those closer to the North and South Poles.
There are also likely to be some substantial short run costs as growers adapt to climate
change. Nevertheless, wine making has survived through thousands of years of recorded
history, a history that includes large climate changes.

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Ashenfelter, O. and Storchmann, K. (2014): Wine and Climate Change. AAWE WORKING PAPER No. 152, Economics. Mar 2014 – ISSN 2166-9112.